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WBCCI and Unit Membership Types 

1. REGULAR UNIT MEMBER – cost is the annual international membership fee which is forwarded to WBCCI headquarters plus the annual Unit fee. A regular member has Ontario Canada Unit voting rights and can attend all Unit events and any other WBCCI events.  

2. LIFE TIME UNIT MEMBER – cost is a one time lump sum determined by WBCCI and based on the age of the applying member. There is also an annual Unit fee payable to the Unit. The privileges are the same as a regular Ontario Canada Unit member.

This member pays dues as a regular member to a Unit other than the Ontario Canada Unit and also pays a fee to affiliate with the Ontario Canada Unit. This member has voting rights in the Unit to which they belong as regular members but do not have Ontario Canada Unit voting rights.  

4. MEMBER AT LARGE or MAL – Available only through through WBCCI . A MAL pays the international fee plus a MAL fee directly to WBCCI headquarters and receives all the services of WBCCI.  A MAL does not to belong to a Unit and can attend any WBCCI event. A MAL has neither voting rights nor representation at the International level for voting.


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